Walk Features: This loop walk from the shops affords great views over the Molonglo Valley. It also features interesting playgrounds, ponds and runs alongside Deep Creek. There are plenty of seats from which to contemplate the views.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Region: Molonglo Valley.

Information about the Suburb: Whitlam was named after Gough Whitlam, Labor Party Prime Minister from 1972 to 1975. Its streets are named after people in the arts.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west along William Hovell Dr, then turn L onto John Gorton Dr, R onto Hazel Hawke Av, L onto Bousloff St and park in that street. The current map does not show all the streets and paths so rely primarily on the walk directions when undertaking this walk.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Proceed up Bousloff St.
  2. Go R on Hazel Hawke Av.
  3. Pass Danaher St on your L.
  4. Go L on a bitumen path.
  5. Go L on a bitumen path and then R down through a reserve on a bitumen path.
  6. Pass the Blue Poles playground on your R.
  7. Cross over Hazel Hawke Av and continue straight ahead on a bitumen path.
  8. At the end of the winding bitumen path proceed straight ahead on Sculthorpe Av with houses on your R.
  9. Pass Mace St on your R.
  10. Go L on Olive Cotton Vw.
  11. Go L on Hazel Hawke Av.
  12. Go R on a concrete path uphill.
  13. Veer R on a concrete path.
  14. Go L on Lois Simpson Cr.
  15. Pass (Marcovitch Lane) and Redpath Tce on your R.
  16. Go L on Sculthorpe Av.
  17. Cross Sculthorpe Av onto a wide concrete path uphill to pass close to a large tree on your L.
  18. Go L on a concrete path to pass another big tree on your R and then large rocks also on your R.
  19. Proceed down to the playground.
  20. Go R on a concrete path away from the playground and through a fence.
  21. Go L on Maymuru Way.
  22. Go R on Sculthorpe Av.
  23. Pass Gabori St on your R.
  24. Go L on a concrete path around a pond on your R.
  25. Pass a basketball court and picnic tables on your L.
  26. Go L on a concrete path.
  27. Go L on McDonagh Cr.
  28. Pass Dadswell St on your R.
  29. When the concrete path veers off to the L uphill, veer R down to McDonagh Cr and follow it around to the R.
  30. Pass Criterion Lane and Toeplitz St on your R.
  31. Cross over Sculthorpe Av and proceed down Cassab St.
  32. Go R on Klaus Moje St.
  33. Go L on Chaloupka St.
  34. Go R on Gabori St.
  35. Go L on Tivoli Lane.
  36. Go R on Baas Becking St.
  37. Go L on a concrete path.
  38. Cross over (Maymuru Way) and follow the concrete path as it winds downhill. Ignore the bitumen path on your L and the concrete path going away to your R.
  39. Cross over (Churcher St) and proceed down some steps and continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  40. Cross over (Mari Funaki St).
  41. Cross over (Patkin St).
  42. Cross over (Churcher St).
  43. Continue straight ahead down Mallard St.
  44. Go L on a concrete path through bollards.
  45. Go R on 9Kerry Cr).
  46. Go L on Hazel Hawke Av.
  47. Pass Pannell St on your R.
  48. Pass Tahourdin Vst on your R.
  49. Pass Keith Bain Cst on your L.
  50. Pass Laurel Martyn Vw and Arkwookerum St on your R.
  51. Go R onto Gorham St.
  52. Pass Duchesne St, Maggie Scott Tce and Kelvin Coe Lane on your R.
  53. Go L on Bousloff St and back to the start.