Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets, playgrounds and reserves. It also progresses along a fire trail.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Region: Woden Valley.

Information about the Suburb: Torrens was established in 1966 and named after Sir Robert Torrens, a former Premier of South Australia and instigator of the Torrens title system of land registration. Its streets are named after South Australian pioneers.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed south down Melrose Dr. Turn R into Athlon Drive. Turn R into Beasley St. Follow it all the way round to Batchelor St. Go L then R up Torrens Pl to the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops with your back to them, go L down (Torrens Pl).
  2. Go L into Batchelor St.
  3. Cross Beasley St into the park.
  4. Proceed uphill on the concrete path as it goes past a playground on your L and a seat on your R.
  5. Continue all the way uphill.
  6. Go L into (Hawker St) then R up a bitumen road through a gate onto a dirt track.
  7. At the Summit Trails sign go R and follow the fire trail along past a gate on your L.
  8. At the next Summit Trails sign go R down a narrow dirt track and past a large boulder into a grassy reserve and continue straight ahead on a concrete path all the way downhill with houses on your R.
  9. Cross over (Beasley St) and veer L to a concrete path proceeding downhill between houses.
  10. Cross over (Kavel St) and continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  11. Go L at (Jefferis St).
  12. Just around the corner past number 21, go L uphill on a concrete path.
  13. Cross over (Kavel St) and continue straight ahead.
  14. Go R onto (Beasley St) past a bus stop and seat.
  15. Pass Parkin St on your R and Pethebridge St on your L.
  16. Just before a bus shelter go R on a concrete path.
  17. Shortly after the concrete path runs into (Duncan St) and just after number 28 go R on another concrete path. Note the Urban Street Garden.
  18. Cross over (Parkin St) and continue straight ahead on the concrete path.
  19. Go L at (Jefferis St).
  20. Go L onto Horrocks St passing Howard St on your R.
  21. Opposite Parkin St go R through a low wooden fence onto a playing field.
  22. Turn L and proceed clockwise around the perimeter of the playing field passing a playground, then a red gate and a toilet block all on your L.
  23. Continue on the playing field alongside (Batchelor St) on your L.
  24. Pass Tinline Pl on your L.
  25. Proceed off the playing field and go L onto Ritchie St passing Torrens Primary School on your R and (Cawker Pl, Burford Pl and Salter Pl) all on your L.
  26. Go R at Beasley St.
  27. Go L at Gouger St and pass McCann St, Stevenson St and Brookman St all on your R.
  28. Just past number 33 go L on a concrete path and follow it along and around to the R and onto a bitumen path uphill.
  29. Go R on a concrete path between houses through to (Gouger St).
  30. Proceed straight ahead up (Gouger St).
  31. Just past number 64 go R down a concrete path.
  32. Proceed straight ahead alongside (Brookman St) on your R.
  33. At number 28 and as the road goes around to the R, go L on a concrete path between houses.
  34. Go R and straight ahead onto (Darke St).
  35. Go L at Basedow St passing Parsons St and Hawker St both on your R, Darke St and Goode St both on your L and Cain Pl on your R.
  36. Go R onto (Gouger St).
  37. Turn R into Hawker St.
  38. Go L into Coles Pl.
  39. Proceed out from its end on a concrete path and cross over the reserve.
  40. Proceed into (Perkins Pl).
  41. Go R into Hubbe St.
  42. Cross over Howchin Pl and proceed downhill on a concrete path.
  43. Go R onto Beasley St.
  44. Turn L into Batchelor St.
  45. Go R into Torrens Pl and back to the Shops.