Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through streets, playgrounds and reserves.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 40 minutes. CHECK

Region: Gungahlin.

Information about the Suburb: Palmerston was established in 1994 and named after George Thomas Palmer (1784–1854) who established a settlement in the Canberra region in 1826 called Palmerville, which was later renamed Ginninderra. Its streets are named after mountains and mountain ranges of Australia.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed north along Gunghalin Dr crossing over the Barton Highway. Turn L into Kosciusko Ave. Just past the Palmerston Primary School, turn R into Tiptree Cr then immediately R and into the car park in front of the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing the Shops, proceed down the L hand side on a concrete path straight ahead towards a playground.
  2. Go R on a concrete path around a playground on your L to and through the Kosciuszko Av underpass.
  3. Go R at a sign saying Yalga Cl.
  4. Go R onto Namadgi Cct.
  5. Pass Manna Cl on your R.
  6. Go R onto Namadgi Cct.
  7. Go L onto Kosciuszko Av.
  8. Go L onto Grampians St.
  9. Go R onto Bimberi Cr.
  10. Go R onto Spec Pl and proceed R up steps to a playground.
  11. Go L on a concrete path across the top of (Feathertop St), then L down between houses.
  12. Pass through the ends of (Buderim Pl) and (Ellen Pl) on your L and (Solus Pl) on your R.
  13. Proceed down to Bimberi Cr and cross over it into a playground on a concrete path.
  14. Pass the playground on your R.
  15. Go R on a bitumen path alongside a storm water drain on your L.
  16. Proceed up through the Kosciuszko Av underpass.
  17. Follow the path all the way to a T junction and go L to follow a bitumen path through another Kosciuszko Av underpass.
  18. Pass a playground on your L.
  19. Just past (Cradle Cl) on your L and before reaching the Gundaroo Dr underpass, near the end of houses, go R on a concrete path over to (Augustus Cl).
  20. Proceed down (Augustus Cl).
  21. Go R onto Augustus Cl up to Buller Cr.
  22. Go L onto Buller Cr.
  23. Pass Coree Pl, Ariah Pl, and Painter Pl on your L.
  24. Go L onto Kosciusko Av.
  25. Go R onto Amarina St.
  26. Pass Domain St on your L.
  27. Go L onto Sugarloaf Cir to pass parkland on your R.
  28. Pass Domain St and Potters Ln on your L
  29. Go L onto Haystack Cr.
  30. Opposite number 38 proceed L on a concrete path.
  31. Go immediately R on a bitumen path.
  32. Go R at a white/blue sign to Palmerston Shops/Belconnen leaving a playground back over to your L.
  33. Follow a bitumen path then when it starts to go around to your L, veer R on a concrete path to continue alongside Sugarloaf Cir.
  34. Pass Mt Warning Cr on your L.
  35. Pass Burbidge Cr on your L.
  36. Go L on a concrete path through a park with a seat over to your L.
  37. Take a concrete path from the R hand end of the park as it zig zags downhill.
  38. Go L onto (Mt Warning Cr) and follow it around and up to Sugarloaf Cir.
  39. Go R onto Sugarloaf Cir.
  40. Go R on a concrete path with a reserve on your L.
  41. Go R on a bitumen path and follow it downhill to a T junction.
  42. Go L at a white/blue sign to Palmerston Shops.
  43. Pass a sign saying To Mainwaring Rich Cct.
  44. Pass (Bunya Cl) on your R.
  45. Go L on a concrete path and up (Elvire Pl).
  46. Go R onto Mt Warning Cr.
  47. Go R on a concrete path with houses on your L.
  48. Pass behind a playing field on your R.
  49. Go L onto (Kosciusko Av) at a bus stop.
  50. Go R on a concrete path between houses.
  51. Proceed up (Hale Pl).
  52. Pass a playground over to your L.
  53. Go R onto Weddin Cct.
  54. Go R onto Ippia Pl.
  55. Proceed out on a concrete path between houses.
  56. Cross over (Kosciusko Av) and go L.
  57. Pass Bollard St on your L.
  58. Pass Tinderry Cct on your L.
  59. Before an iron railing bridge veer R on a concrete path,
  60. Pass the (Kosciusko Av) underpass on your L.
  61. Go R on a concrete path to pass a playground on your R.
  62. Go L on a concrete path back up to the Shops.