Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the entrance to a nature park along streets, through parks and past many embassies. There are some steps on this walk.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Region: Woden Valley.

Information about the Suburb: O’Malley was established in 1973 and named after King O’Malley, who was the politician who arranged the competition for a design for Canberra. Its streets are labelled with Aboriginal words.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed south down Adelaide Ave, cross over Hindmarsh Drive. Then turn L into Numeralla St, then L into Kareelah Vst (Vista), then R into Culgoa Cct, then R into Callemonda Ri (Rise), then R into Akame Cct and park opposite number 18 and near the wooden Canberra Nature Park Mount Mugga Mugga sign.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Walk uphill on a concrete path as it runs beside Akame Cct on your R.
  2. Note the Embassy of Slovenia at number 26.
  3. Pass Dalman Cr on your R.
  4. Go L onto Callemonda Ri.
  5. Note the Embassy of Kuwait on your R.
  6. Go L onto Culgoa Cct.
  7. Note the Kenyan High Commission and the Syrian Embassy on your R, and the Malta High Commission on your L
  8. Go L onto Kareelah Vista.
  9. Pass a playground over to your R.
  10. Pass Mialli Pl on your L.
  11. Pass a bus stop and seat.
  12. Note the Embassy of Cuba on your L.
  13. Pass Gerogery Pl and Numralla St on your R.
  14. Note the Embassy of Nepal on your L.
  15. Pass Taronga Pl on your L.
  16. Pass a bus stop and seat.
  17. Pass Pindari Cr on your R.
  18. Go R onto Ngunawal Dr.
  19. Pass a bus stop and seat and continue straight ahead downhill.
  20. Note the Ugandan High Commission at number 11.
  21. Go R onto Cobbadah St and follow a bitumen path around with a playground on your L.
  22. Note the Embassy of Algeria at number 29.
  23. Continue straight ahead where another bitumen path comes in on your L.
  24. Note the Iraqi Cultural Office and the Embassy of Jordan on your R at numbers 19 and 17.
  25. Where Cobbadah St swings around to your R, continue straight ahead on a bitumen path towards a red pedestrian bridge.
  26. At the bridge, go R on the path down and around to your L and onto a concrete path running alongside Cobbadah St.
  27. Go L onto Numeralla St.
  28. Go R onto Dunoon St.
  29. Go R on a concrete path as it proceeds uphill between houses and then up a series of broad, shallow steps.
  30. Where the concrete path goes R into (Arrellah Pl), go L up a grassy slope to a gravel track.
  31. Go L on the gravel track and proceed down it to rejoin (Dunoon St).
  32. Go R onto (Dunoon St) and follow it along a red gravel footpath for quite some way.
  33. Go L onto Culgoa Cct along the edge of (Tyagarah Park) on your L.
  34. Go L onto Tyagarah St.
  35. Pass a bus stop.
  36. Go R onto Wallangara St and follow it for quite some way.
  37. Pass a pond (stormwater quality control pond) on your L.
  38. Pass Timbarra Cr on your R.
  39. Pass through a small car park and past a playground on your L.
  40. Go L onto Dalman Cr.
  41. Go R on a pedestrian crossing and follow a concrete path as it winds up a series of steps to the top of a hill.
  42. Go L on a concrete path alongside (Cabarita Tce) and (Scrivener Hill).
  43. Go L onto (Akame Cct) and proceed downhill as you see Mount Mugga Mugga and the old quarry ahead.
  44. Cross over Dalman Cr.
  45. Note the Embassy of Qatar at number 10 on your R.
  46. Pass Keyar St on your L and continue on back to the start.