Ngunnawal A

Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops uphill through streets, playgrounds and reserves. There are some great views from the hill tops and interesting street sculptures. You will also visit Violets Park. There are some steps and dirt tracks on this walk.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Region: Gungahlin.

Information about the Suburb: Ngunnawal was established in 1992 and named in tribute to the Ngunnawal people, the original inhabitants of the area. Its streets are named after indigenous culture.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed north along Gungahlin Dr, R into Wanganeen Av, L into Jabanungga Av, L into Yarrawonga St and park at the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Proceed from the post box out to Jabanungga Av and go L.
  2. Pass Yarrawonga St on your L and continue straight ahead alongside Jabanungga Av.
  3. At a bus shelter go L on a concrete path into Homestead Park.
  4. Pass through a playground.
  5. Go R on brick path.
  6. Go R on a bitumen path at a white/blue sign to Casey Shops.
  7. Cross over (Bargang Cr) and continue ahead with a water course on your L.
  8. Go L across water course.
  9. Go R on a concrete path and continue straight ahead with the water course on your R.
  10. Near the underpass note a playground over to your L.
  11. Proceed through the Newlop St underpass.
  12. Immediately go R on a concrete path.
  13. Go L on Jabanungga Av then at number 81 cross the road to pick up a concrete path as it proceeds all the way uphill.
  14. When the concrete path runs out, go R on a concrete path.
  15. Go L on (Taylor St).
  16. Go L uphill on Warrumbul St.
  17. Pass Bunduluk Cr twice on your L.
  18. Pass Mokare St on your L.
  19. Pass Ahmatt St on your L.
  20. Go L on Yumba Av.
  21. Pass a playing field on your R.
  22. Go R down Unaipon Av.
  23. Pass a bus shelter.
  24. Pass Penwilly St on your L.
  25. Pass Marika St on your R.
  26. Pass Tipiloura St on your R.
  27. Pass Windradyne St on your L.
  28. Pass Yumba Av on your R.
  29. Pass a bus shelter.
  30. Pass Jandamarra St on your L.
  31. Pass a playing field on your R.
  32. Pass a Ngunnawal Primary School on your R with bus stops in front.
  33. Go R on Wanganeen Av.
  34. Pass a bus shelter next to the school.
  35. Pass Yumba Av on your R.
  36. At number 13 go L up steps.
  37. Follow a concrete path around and alongside (Bunburung Cl) on your L.
  38. Cross over Gurrang Av and pick up a concrete path going uphill.
  39. Continue on the concrete path through a reserve and around the hill on your L.
  40. Cross over (Marungul Av).
  41. Continue uphill to a seat on top of the hill. With views to LAKE/POND? CHECK
  42. Proceed all the way downhill.
  43. Go L on a concrete path above (Gungahlin Dr).
  44. Go L on a concrete path away from the underpass.
  45. Go R on a concrete path through to (Berra Cl) and follow it around to your L.
  46. Go R on Gamburra St.
  47. Pass a playground on your R and the big goanna.
  48. Pass Noble Cl on your R.
  49. Go L on Amagula Av.
  50. Pass a bus stop.
  51. Pass Murrung Cr on your L.
  52. Pass Bungaree Cr on your R.
  53. Pass Murrung Cr on your L.
  54. Pass Yirawala St on your R.
  55. Pass a bus stop.
  56. Pass Mandurah Pl on your L.
  57. Pass Taggerty St on your R.
  58. Pass Shara Pl on your L.
  59. Pass Gula Pl on your L.
  60. Pass a bus stop.
  61. Pass Marungal Av on your L.
  62. Continue straight ahead up Gurrang Av.
  63. Pass Gurrang St on your L.
  64. Pass a bus stop.
  65. Pass Saunders St on your R.
  66. Proceed L on a concrete path and follow it around to pass a playground on your L.
  67. Proceed away from the playground and go L.
  68. Cross over Deumonga Ct and continue straight ahead.
  69. Proceed up steps and a grassy bank.
  70. Continue directly across the reserve on a rough dirt track.
  71. Proceed down concrete path between houses.
  72. Go down two sets of steps.
  73. Note a playground straight ahead.
  74. Go L on (Wellington St).
  75. Pass Wirria Cct on your R.
  76. Go L on Arabanoo Cr.
  77. Pass Walga Pl and Galu Vista both on your L.
  78. Pass Gamban Square on your R.
  79. Pass Buru Cl on your L.
  80. Go L on Marungul Av.
  81. Go R into Violets Park and over to the Violet Josephine Bulger information board.
  82. Note a turtle seat up from the information board.
  83. Proceed on a concrete path to pass a playground on your L.
  84. Pass Samuels Cr on your L and proceed alongside Marungul Av on your R.
  85. Pass Bamir Square on your R.
  86. Pass Samuels Cr on your L.
  87. Go R on Wanganeen Av and back to the Shops on your L.