Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through strets, playgrounds and reserves.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Region: Belconnen.

Information about the Suburb: Melba was established in 1972 and named after Dame Nellie Melba (1861–1931), the first internationally recognised Australian opera soprano. Its streets are named after composers, singers and other musically notable Australians or people with strong Australian connections.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed north along Kingsford Smith Dr, turn R into Chinner Cr, R into Melba Ct and park in front of the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops proceed out to Chinner Cr and go R.
  2. Pass Treharne Pl on your L.
  3. Go L onto Wallace Pl.
  4. Take the L fork on a concrete path out from the end of (Wallace Pl).
  5. Take the R fork across the park passing (Miranda Place Playground) on your R.
  6. Proceed down (Henslowe Pl) then take the first L up (Henslowe Pl).
  7. Go L onto Alfred Hill Dr.
  8. Go R at a bus stop and past number 17 up a concrete path.
  9. Cross over the top of (Kruse Pl) and down a concrete path.
  10. Go L on a concrete path and follow it around with houses on your L and the reserve on your R.
  11. At the top of the reserve go around to your R.
  12. Pass the (Kingsford Smith Dr) underpass on your L.
  13. Proceed R out onto the (Kingsford Smith Dr) cul de sac.
  14. Cross over (Le Gallenne St) and continue down the (Kingsford Smith Dr) slip road.
  15. Proceed out from its end on a concrete path.
  16. Go R on a concrete path and down the reserve.
  17. Pass a playground on your L.
  18. Proceed all the way down to (Alfred Hill Dr) opposite Mt Rogers Community School.
  19. Go L on (Alfred Hill Dr). At this point you may wish to take a diversion across the road to see Jessica’s Garden near the school entrance. It commemorates an eight year old student wo died in 2003.
  20. Pass a gate and a bus stop and then Melba Neighbourhood Oval on your R.
  21. Pass (Alfred Hill Dr) on your R, Linger Pl then Crossley Cl on your L, Cade Pl on your R and a bus stop, Crossley Cl again on your L and a bus shelter, Levey Pl on your R, and Flower Pl on your L.
  22. Go R on Coutts Pl and proceed out from its end on a concrete path between houses.
  23. Go R on a concrete path going all the way downhill through the reserve.
  24. At the playing fields take the L fork passing (Mewton Pl) on your L and playing fields on your R.
  25. Follow the path all the way down to and through the (Veerbrughen St) underpass.
  26. Veer R and continue downhill through the reserve passing playing fields on your L then on your R.
  27. At the end of the playing fields go R on a bitumen path with Ginninderra Creek on your L and a playing field on your R.
  28. Keep following the bitumen path for quite a long way alongside the creek on your L.
  29. Pass a sign to Brownlee Pl and tennis courts on your R.
  30. Pass a concrete path going up to your R and continue on the bitumen path for quite some way.
  31. Just through a stand of trees, go R and then L on a concrete path.
  32. Pass a playground on your R.
  33. Follow the concrete path around to your R and up between houses.
  34. Cross over (Goldner Cct) and continue straight ahead on the concrete path.
  35. Go L onto (Conley Dr).
  36. Pass Goldner Cct on your L and a school on your R.
  37. Pass a car park then a reserve on your L.
  38. Pass Hosking Pl on your L.
  39. Go R on Verbrugghen St then go L at number 37 up a concrete path between houses.
  40. Cross over the top of (Bowden Pl) and take the R hand concrete path with houses on your R and the reserve on your L.
  41. Where the path meets (Scarlett St) go L on a concrete path.
  42. Pass a playground on your R.
  43. Go L on a concrete path.
  44. Proceed up Clutsam Pl.
  45. Go L on Stewart Cr.
  46. Pass Alda Pl on your L.
  47. Go R on Grainger Cct then almost immediately just past number 7, go L up a concrete path between houses.
  48. Proceed up (Stralia Pl).
  49. Go R on Chinner Cr.
  50. Proceed back to the Shops passing Boult Pl on your L, and Buckman Pl, Wallace Pl and Treharne Pl on your R. Before leaving note the Harmonies sculpture in the shopping square. It pays homage to Dame Nellie Melba.