Macgregor B

Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from a car park through parkland, streets and playgrounds. It takes you out to the Jarramlee Grasslands Nature Reserve.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: Belconnen.

Information about the Suburb: Macgregor was established in 1972 and named after Sir William MacGregor, Governor of Queensland 1909–14 and first chancellor of the University of Queensland, 1911. Its streets are named after members of the Australian medical profession.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west along Southern Cross Drive. Turn right into Florey Drive. Then, first left into Osburn Drive. R into Chalmers Pl and park in the larger car park in front of the swimming centre.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the swimming centre proceed straight out on a concrete path.
  2. Go L on a concrete path and follow it down alongside Chalmers Pl on your L.
  3. Cross Osburn Dr and go R.
  4. Before the bridge go L on a concrete path.
  5. Follow the path along with Ginninderra Creek on your R.
  6. Pass across the top of (Sanders Pl) on your L and continue on the concrete path.
  7. Pass (Marks Pl) on your L.
  8. Follow the path into and up (Lawes Pl).
  9. Go R on Kirkland Cct.
  10. Opposite number 22 go R on a concrete path across the grassy open area underneath power lines.
  11. On the other side of the grassy area, go sharp L on a concrete path to pass electricity pylons on your L.
  12. Pass a concrete path near Carman Playground on your R.
  13. Go R on (Cannan Cr).
  14. At the roundabout cross over MacFarlane Burnet Av and proceed on a bitumen path with houses on your R.
  15. Pass (Herring Pl) on your R.
  16. Go straight ahead on (Rag Holmes St).
  17. Go R on Stang Pl.
  18. Go L on MacFarlane Burnet Av.
  19. Go R on Hilda Kincaid Cr.
  20. Pass Sisely St on your L.
  21. Opposite number 32 go R through a gate and down a gravel road into Jarramlee-West MacGregor Grasslands Nature Reserve.
  22. Retrace your steps and continue along Hilda Kincaid Cr.
  23. At number 23 go R on a bitumen path.
  24. Go R on a concrete path to pass a seat on your R.
  25. Proceed out on a dirt track and downhill to pass (Bianca Pond) on your L.
  26. Go around the end of the pond and up through a gate to (Refshauge Cr).
  27. Go L on (Refshauge Cr).
  28. Pass Refshauge Playground on your L.
  29. Go L on MacFarlane Burnet Av.
  30. Pass John Holt St on your R.
  31. Go R on a bitumen path.
  32. Pass (Stang Pl) on your L.
  33. Pass a bitumen path on your L.
  34. Go L at (John Holt St) go L on a concrete path.
  35. Pass Rowland St Playground on your L.
  36. Go R on Rowland St.
  37. Go R on MacFarlane Burnet Av.
  38. Go L on a bitumen path and proceed alongside a water course down to your L.
  39. Go L on a bitumen path past a pond over to your R.
  40. Go L on (Hollows Cct).
  41. Pass Wunderly Cct and Greenman St on your R.
  42. Go R on MacFarlane Burnet Av.
  43. Go R on a concrete path into the Clyde Finlay Street Playground with picnic tables and a basketball court on your R.
  44. Go L on (Clyde Finlay St).
  45. Go R on Wunderly Cct.
  46. Pass Keany St on your R.
  47. Go L on Cilento St.
  48. Cross over Victor Chang St and proceed across the grassy area under power lines on a concrete path.
  49. Proceed up (Eccles Cct).
  50. Go R on Heighway St.
  51. At Abbie St go L on a concrete path past the Abbie Street Playground on your R.
  52. Go L on Hollows Cct.
  53. Go L on MacFarlane Burnet Av.
  54. Go R on Eccles Cct.
  55. Pass Bryan Hudson St on your R.
  56. Pass Eric de Salis St on your R.
  57. Go L on Marcus Faunce St.
  58. Go R on John James Loop.
  59. Just past number 93 go R on a concrete path across the grassy reserve.
  60. Go R down (Hone Pl).
  61. Go L on Osburn Dr.
  62. Pass Graham St on your L.
  63. Go R on Clode Cr.
  64. Go L on Chalmers Pl and back to the car park.