Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from a parking area up through a playground then Henry Lawson Reservoir Hill and down through streets passing some sheep sculptures and poetry excerpts..

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Region: Belconnen.

Information about the Suburb: Lawson was established in 2012. Development was delayed by about two years by Commonwealth environmental clearance processes due to the presence of golden sun moth and native grassland. Lawson was named after Henry Lawson, short story writer and poet. Its streets are named after aspects of Australia appearing in his writing.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west out along Belconnen Way. Turn R into Haydon Dr, Cross over Ginninderra Dr onto Baldwin Dr. Then first L into Stockman Av. Then L into Wanderlight Av and park at the parking bays on the R between Sliprail St and Drover Rise.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing Wanderlight Av go L past a car park and up a concrete path and then through a playground.
  2. Go L on a bitumen path uphill to the trig on top of Henry Lawson Reservoir Hill.
  3. Continue on a bitumen path downhill to your R.
  4. Go R on a bitumen path and follow it to low concrete benches and continue downhill.
  5. Pass a Golden Sun Moth Life Cycle sign.
  6. Go L on a gravel track downhill and through a gate.
  7. Go L onto (Solong St).
  8. Pass Concertina St and Selection St on your R.
  9. Proceed onto a concrete path at parking bays.
  10. Pass Narrambla Tce on your R and a gate on your L.
  11. Go L over to and onto a bitumen path with a pond on your L.
  12. Follow the bitumen path and onto a concrete path passing Stockman Av on your R.
  13. Proceed back onto the bitumen path past sheep sculptures and later seats.
  14. Go L onto (Jumbuck Cr) opposite number 61.
  15. Go L onto Dawn Cr and continue on a concrete path.
  16. Go L on a concrete path as it proceeds uphill past the Naval Transmitting Station sign and seats.
  17. At the end of a concrete path go L up (Jumbuck Cr).
  18. Go L onto Stockman Av.
  19. Pass Wanderlight Av on your R.
  20. Go R onto Nevertire St.
  21. Pass Billabong St, Swagman St, Sliprail St, Drover Rise, Cooee Rise and Outback St on your R.
  22. Keep following Nevertire St as it swings around to your R.
  23. Go R onto Wanderlight Av.
  24. Pass a gate and a gravel road on your L.
  25. Go L on a bitumen path.
  26. Pass a Golden Moth Life Cycle sign.
  27. Go L on a bitumen path.
  28. Take the L fork on a bitumen path.
  29. Cross over a gravel road onto a concrete path alongside (Solong St) on your L.
  30. Go L onto Bellbird Loop.
  31. Pass Concertina St on your L.
  32. Go R on a concrete path and proceed through a playground.
  33. Cross over (Bellbird Loop) then go R up Torale Tce.
  34. Go R onto Rouseabout St and follow it up and around to your L.
  35. Go R onto Stockman Av.
  36. Go R on a bitumen path alongside Wanderlight Av on L and follow a bitumen path uphill.

Note poetry signs as you proceed uphill.

  1. Go L through a playground and picnic tables.
  2. Veer L on a concrete path and back to the start.