Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops along streets, beside Lake Burley Griffin, into Jack Ross Park, along the Kingston Foreshore, through Norgrove Park and past the Causeway Hall.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Region: South Canberra.

Information about the Suburb: Kingston was established in 1928 and named after Charles Cameron Kingston, the former Premier of South Australia and minister in the first Australian Commonwealth Government.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed east down Canberra Ave and turn L into Eyre St then L into Jardine St. Park near the Kingston Shops. Meet at the Post Office on the corner of Giles and Jardine Streets.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. From the Post Office cross over Giles St.
  2. Go R onto Telopea Pde. Follow the concrete footpath all the way down to the lake, going past Gose St on your R, crossing over Wentworth Ave and then continuing straight ahead.
  3. Pass a Kingston Foreshore Canberra sign on your R.
  4. Where East Lake Pde goes around to the R, proceed straight ahead on a concrete path down to the lake.
  5. Go R at the lake on a concrete path and proceed along beside the lake past two seats.
  6. Proceed onto the gravel then go R into Jack Ross Park.
  7. Proceed up the steps straight ahead.
  8. Proceed out of the park through the L hand turnstile.
  9. Go L on a bridge over a canal and continue on a concrete path as it curves around beside the lake on your L.
  10. Keep following the path as it goes R near seats on your L.
  11. Go L on the curved concrete path beside the lake.
  12. Go R onto a wooden boardwalk.
  13. Go R on the boardwalk and down a ramp with public toilets ahead.
  14. Go L on the boardwalk to pass behind jetties on your L.
  15. Go R up steps or a ramp, then L on a bridge over the canal.
  16. Go L down the ramps to a wooden boardwalk.
  17. Follow the boardwalk along to its end.
  18. Go L across the low bridge.
  19. Go L on a boardwalk and at its end go R up a ramp.
  20. Go L on a concrete path.
  21. Just past some seats go L on a concrete path.
  22. Take the L fork on a concrete path.
  23. Pass picnic tables on your R.
  24. Go R on a gravel path alongside the lake.
  25. Proceed straight ahead across Honeysett View and down The Causeway.
  26. Pass Kerridge St on your R.
  27. Cross over Eyre St and go R.
  28. Cross over Honeysett View then go L into (Norgrove Park) on a pedestrian bridge.
  29. Proceed straight ahead under the pergola.
  30. At a bridge on your L, go R under the pergola.
  31. Go L on a bitumen path between the eco pond on your L and a creek on your R.
  32. Go L on a pedestrian bridge across the pond.
  33. Pass Honeysett View on your L and continue straight ahead on Dawes St.
  34. Pass Parberry St on your R and continue straight ahead crossing over The Causeway into Sandalwood St.
  35. Continue along past a bus stop and seat then Spinifex St on your R. Note the historic Causeway Hall on your R.
  36. Pass Myrtle St on your L.
  37. Go R into a park and straight across it past a playground and a basketball court.
  38. Go R onto (Eurabbie St).
  39. Pass Marri St on your L.
  40. Go L into Spinifex St.
  41. Go R onto Cunningham St and follow it for quite a while passing Spinifex St, The Causeway, Parberry St, and Printers Way all on your R.
  42. Cross over Wentworth Ave and continue straight ahead.
  43. Go past Howitt St on your R then go R into Kennedy St.
  44. Cross over Dawes St then go R at (Eyre St).
  45. Go L onto Jardine St.
  46. Pass Highgate Lane on your L and back to the start at the Post Office.