Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets, playgrounds and reserves. Some of the walk is on dirt tracks.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Region: Woden Valley.

Information about the Suburb: Hughes was established in 1963 and named after The Right Honourable William Morris “Billy” Hughes, seventh Prime Minister of Australia from 1915-1923. The only person to have served for more than 50 years (1901 to 1952). He represented four electorates in two states, and six political parties, leading five, outlasting four, and being expelled from three. Its streets are named after World War I armed services personnel and contemporaries of William Hughes.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed south down Yarra Glen, L into Wisdom St, then L into Hughes Pl and park at the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops cross over Wisdom St on a pedestrian crossing.
  2. Go R onto (Wisdom St).
  3. Go L onto McNicoll St.
  4. Pass Higgs Pl on your L.
  5. Pass Poynton St and a playground on your R.
  6. Pass McNicoll Pl on your L.
  7. Pass Poynton St on your R.
  8. Pass Tudor Pl on your L.
  9. Go R onto Bamford St.
  10. Go R on a concrete path opposite number 17.
  11. Go L on a concrete path behind houses on your L.
  12. Go L on a dirt track with houses on your L to proceed through a grassy area and a wooden barrier to (Lynch St).
  13. Proceed down (Lynch St).
  14. Pass Lynch St on your R.
  15. Go R onto McNicoll St.
  16. Go L onto Kitchener St with a reserve on your L.
  17. Pass a bus shelter.
  18. Go R onto Birdwood St.
  19. Pass Wylly Pl on your R.
  20. Pass Leane St on your L.
  21. Go R onto Tivey Pl.
  22. Proceed out from its end on a dirt track between houses.
  23. Go up a grassy bank.
  24. Go L on a dirt track.
  25. Pass a golf course on your R.
  26. Take the L fork on a dirt track.
  27. Proceed on a dirt track through a reserve with houses on your L.
  28. Proceed through the (Birdwood St) underpass and continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  29. Proceed alongside (Goble St) on your L.
  30. Veer R on a concrete path passing a playground on your R.
  31. Proceed through the (Kent St) underpass and continue straight ahead all the way down on a concrete path with houses on your R and Hughes Primary School on your L.
  32. Proceed through the (Groom St) underpass.
  33. Continue straight ahead on a dirt track.
  34. Proceed anticlockwise all the way around the playing field on your L close to/inside the fence.
  35. When you come to a picnic table and barbecue, go R onto (Webster St).
  36. Pass Maygar St on your L.
  37. Go L onto Pope St.
  38. Go L onto Conyers St.
  39. Go L onto Bisdee St.
  40. Pass a playground on your L.
  41. Go L onto Coxen St.
  42. Pass Maygar St on your L.
  43. Pass Carroll St on your R.
  44. Opposite number 14, go R on a concrete path between houses.
  45. Go L onto (Carroll St).
  46. Go R onto Wark St.
  47. Go R onto Groom St.
  48. Pass Hughes Primary School on your L.
  49. Pass Whittle St on your R.
  50. Go R onto Wisdom St and back to the Shops.