Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from a school car park along streets, around grasslands, through Mullion Park, around wetlands and through Gungaderra Gardens. It began to be developed in 2006. Its streets are named after Australian geographical places and features.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: Gungahlin.

Information about the Suburb: Harrison was named after the former city planner Peter Harrison, who was instrumental in reviving Walter Burley Griffin’s plan for the National Capital.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed north along Gungahlin Dr. Turn R into Well Station Dr, L at Flemington Rd, R Nullabor Av, L Wimmera St and park in the car park at the Harrison School on your R.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Proceed out to (Wimmera St) and go L.
  2. Pass Topra St on your R.
  3. Cross over Nullabor Av.
  4. Go L onto Karamu St.
  5. Cross over Pinnacles St and continue straight ahead on a concrete path then up a grassy slope.
  6. Go R on a bitumen path.
  7. Pass a playground over to your R as well as a picnic table, barbewcue and exercise station.
  8. Pass Ningaloo St on your L.
  9. Just past an exercise station on your R, go L on a dirt track,
  10. Proceed on the dirt track alongside (Ormiston Cct) on your R.
  11. Pass Butterfish St and Ormiston Cct on your R.
  12. Continue on the dirt track alongside (Albatross Cr) on your R.
  13. Pass Koonalda St and Alanvale St on your R.
  14. Continue straight ahead on the dirt track alongside Thunder St passing Steep St on your R. Note the large street number 16 and letter box on your R.
  15. Go L on a wide concrete path.
  16. Pass an unnamed gravel road and then a seat on your L.
  17. Continue on the concrete path around behind houses on your L.
  18. Pass Adder St on your L.
  19. Go R onto Cape York St.
  20. Pass Carpentaria St on your R.
  21. Go L onto Tanami St.
  22. Pass Burbie St on your R.
  23. Go L onto Phantom St.
  24. Go sharp R on a concrete path and follow it through Mullion Park. Note the poems by David Campbell.
  25. Pass a seat and a plaque.
  26. Proceed through wooden arches and continue straight ahead.
  27. Cross over (Cultivation St) and across grass to again pick up a concrete path that continues to wind through the park.
  28. Pass barbecue and picnic tables.
  29. Pass a playground on your R.
  30. Go R onto (Katoomba St).
  31. Pass Tanami St on your R and continue around the wetlands on your L.
  32. Pass Putt Lane on your R and keep following Katoomba St.
  33. Pass Cultivation St on your R.
  34. Cross over Mapleton Av and continue straight ahead on a bitumen path alongside Megalong Av on your R.
  35. Pass Wombeyan St on your R.
  36. Pass Whim St on your R.
  37. Take the R fork on a concrete path up to (Horse Park Dr).
  38. Go L across a bridge.
  39. Pass a bus stop then go L on a concrete path.
  40. Go L on a bitumen path alongside (Brumby St) over to your R.
  41. Follow the bitumen path until it runs into Pildappa St.
  42. Go R on Pildappa St.
  43. Pass Saltbush St on your R.
  44. Pass Danjera Lane on your R.
  45. Noting the playground straight ahead, go L onto Cedar St.
  46. Pass Careel St on your L.
  47. Go L on Moonlight Av.
  48. Go L onto Haven St.
  49. Cross over Danjera Lane.
  50. Pass Pildappa St on your L.
  51. Go R onto Sapling St.
  52. Go L into the Gungaderra Gardens.
  53. Proceed straight ahead on a dirt track passing the gardens and a water tank on your R.
  54. Pass a playground over to your L and continue straight ahead down (Otway St).
  55. Go R onto Mapleton Av.
  56. Go L onto Wimmera St.
  57. Pass Collaroy St on your R.
  58. Go R on a bitumen path with a pond on your R.
  59. Go L on a concrete path out to (Wimmera St).
  60. Go R onto (Wimmera St) and back to the Harrison School car park entrance.