Gungahlin A

Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets and playgrounds, and around Gungahlin Valley Ponds and alongside Yerrabi Pond.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Region: Gungahlin.

Information about the Suburb: Gungahlin was established in 1998 and named after an Aboriginal word meaning either “white man’s house” or “little rocky hill”.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed north along Gungahlin Dr. Turn R into The Valley Av, L at Gozzard St, R Ernest Cavanagh St, L into Boon Ln then L between buildings into a car park.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing the laneway you drove in on, go R across the car park out to Ernest Cavanagh St.
  2. Go R on Ernest Cavanagh St.
  3. Go L on Gozzard St.
  4. Cross over (Hibberson St).
  5. Pass a park on your R.
  6. Opposite Efkarpidis St go R through bollards on a bitumen path with a car park on your L.
  7. Pass the Gungahlin Leisure Centre on your L and a pond, playing field and basketball courts on your R.
  8. Cross over (Warwick St) and continue straight ahead on a concrete path past car parks on your L and a playing field on your R.
  9. At a very high light tower go L on a concrete path across a car park.
  10. Proceed out on a concrete path between ponds.
  11. Continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  12. Veer R on a bitumen path.
  13. At a bus stop go R on a cobbled track then take the L fork.
  14. Proceed alongside the wetlands on your R.
  15. Go R on a bitumen path and cross a bridge.
  16. At a sign go R on cobbled track and continue around the wetlands on your R.
  17. Veer L on a dirt track.
  18. Proceed past a gate down (O’Brien Pl).
  19. Go L on Crinigan Cir.
  20. Go L on Ginn St.
  21. Go R on Gundaroo Dr.
  22. Pass Anthony Rolfe Av on your R at the lights.
  23. Go L at the lights to cross Gundaroo Dr then proceed on a concrete path downhill alongside (MirrabeI Dr) on your L.
  24. Go R on bitumen path where there is a low stone building on your R.
  25. Go L on a bitumen path as it continues down towards (Yerrabi Pond).
  26. Follow the bitumen path as it passes playgrounds, a picnic area and later a fitness station on your R and the pond on your L.
  27. At the Sorpptomist Pt sign go R on the brick paved path passing seats and a picnic area on your R.
  28. Pass a bridge on your L with Evadel St then (Kettle St) on your L.
  29. Go R on a bitumen path through a red gate up to (Strayleaf Cr).
  30. Go L on (Strayleaf St) on your L.
  31. Pass Hollingsworth St.
  32. Pass Kettle St on your R.
  33. Go L on Bembrick St.
  34. Just past number 16 go L on a concrete path between houses.
  35. Cross over (Inglewood St).
  36. Cross over (Hollingsworth St).
  37. Go R then L on a concrete path to pass a playground on your R.
  38. Proceed out on a concrete path down Tea Gardens.
  39. Proceed out from its end on a concrete path through the Gundaroo Dr underpass.
  40. Proceed around to your L on a bitumen path past a pond on your R.
  41. Cross over Tesselaar St and proceed through a reserve.
  42. Cross over Cantamessa Av and proceed up Sarre St.
  43. Pass Marie Dalley St on your R.
  44. Cross over Tesselaar St.
  45. Pass Pallin St on your R.
  46. Pass a reserve on your R.
  47. Cross over Mawby St.
  48. Pass Fishlock Ln and Devlin St on your R.
  49. Cross over Donnelly Ln.
  50. Go R on Gungahlin Pl with a reserve on your L.
  51. Go L on Swain St to pass a reserve on your L.
  52. Cross over Gungahlin Pl.
  53. Cross over Boreham Ln.
  54. Pass Braggett St on your L.
  55. Go L on a bitumen Path and follow it through the park.
  56. Go R on Bruning St.
  57. Pass Eckley St on your R.
  58. Pass Carver Ln on your R.
  59. Go L on Gozzard St.
  60. Pass Causley Ln on your L.
  61. Cross over Anthony Rolfe Av.
  62. Veer L towards the car park and back to the end.