Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets, playgrounds and parks such as Durville Park, Willem Janszoon Commemorative Park, La Perouse Park and Circle Park.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: South Canberra.

Information about the Suburb: Griffith was established in 1927 and named after Sir Samuel Griffith, who was chosen in 1903 as the first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia and retained his position until retirement in 1919. Its streets are named after explorers.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed to Manuka Shops then go down Captain Cook Cr, L into Stuart St, then L into Barker St and park in front of the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops go L on Barker St out to Throsby Cr.
  2. Go L onto Throsby Cr.
  3. Pass Throsby Lane on your L, Hacking Cr on your R, a a playground and seats on your L, and Strzelecki Cr on your R.
  4. Go L onto Frome St.
  5. Pass Wills St on your R.
  6. Cross over Blaxland Cr.
  7. Go L onto Barrallier St.
  8. Go R onto Lefroy St.
  9. Cross over Lockyer St.
  10. Pass Hann St on your L.
  11. Veer L into Evans Cr.
  12. At (Light St) proceed R into the park and follow a concrete path around its perimeter, passing a seat then a table then another seat and finally a playground.
  13. Go R onto (Evans Cr).
  14. Go R onto Stuart St.
  15. Pass Light St on your R.
  16. Cross over Captain Cook Cr into Murray Cr.
  17. Go L on a concrete path at the lights.
  18. Proceed on a concrete path alongside (Captain Cook Cr) on your L.
  19. Pass a playground and seats on your your R.
  20. Pass playing fields on your R.
  21. Go R onto Austin St.
  22. Go L all the way around (Wells Garden) passing a playground on your R.
  23. Go L onto Austin St.
  24. Go R onto La Perouse St.
  25. Go L onto Flinders Way on a bitumen path.
  26. Go R onto Durville Cr.
  27. Pass (Hayes Cr) on your L.
  28. Go R onto Bass Gdn and follow it around passing (Bass Gdn) on your R and the gardens on your L.
  29. Go R onto Durville Cr then L onto Durville Cr
  30. Cross over Stokes St and continue straight ahead on a concrete path into parkland.
  31. Pass a playground on your L.
  32. Go sharp L on a concrete path as it runs alongside Monaro Cr on your R.
  33. Cross over Stokes St,
  34. Pass a bus stop and seat.
  35. Go L onto Bass Gdn.
  36. Go R onto (Durville Cr).
  37. Pass Bass Gdn on your L and continue straight ahead.
  38. Pass (Hayes Cr) on your R.
  39. Cross over Flinders Way and go R on a a bitumen path.
  40. Go L into a car park and then proceed out onto a playing field.
  41. Proceed around the edge of the playing field with it on your R.
  42. Pass low wooden fence posts on your R.
  43. Proceed uphill behind houses on your L.
  44. Proceed L around the end of the houses and pass an iron sculpture in (Willem Janszoon Commemorative Park).
  45. Go R onto (Jansz Cr).
  46. Pass Quiros St on your R.
  47. Go L onto Carstensz St.
  48. Go R up between houses at number 53.
  49. Continue straight ahead on a rough dirt track through the reserve.
  50. Veer round to the L at the end of the houses on your L.
  51. Go L onto La Perouse St.
  52. Pass Hamelin Cr on your R.
  53. Go R onto Caley Cr.
  54. Pass Hodgkinson St and a seat on your L.
  55. Go L onto Babbage Cr to proceed around the park and a seat on your L.
  56. Go R onto Hodgkinson St.
  57. Go R on a concrete path between houses.
  58. Cross over (Walker Cr) and continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  59. Cross over (Captain Cook Cr) and continue straight ahead alongside Hovell St on your L.
  60. Pass Meehan Gdns on your R.
  61. Cross over Farenc Cct and continue straight ahead on a dirt track through the reserve passing a seat.
  62. Cross over Farenc Cct and continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  63. Go R onto (Stuart St) and pass a bus shelter.
  64. Cross (Stuart St) and follow a concrete path through (Nabin Park) and back to the Shops.