Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets, reserves and playgrounds.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Region: Tuggeranong.

Information about the Suburb: Gilmore was established in 1985 and named after the poet and journalist, Dame Mary Gilmore. Its streets are named after journalists, particularly female journalists.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed south down Drakeford Dr turn L into Isabella Dr, R into Hambidge Cr, L into Heagney Cr, pass the Gilmore Primary School on your R, go R onto Emily Bulcock Cr and just after number 55 park near the school fence.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing the school fence go L on a concrete path alongside (Emily Bulcock Cr) on your L.
  2. Veer R on a concrete path with the school on your R.
  3. Go R on a concrete path at the end of the school fence.
  4. Go L on a concrete path into (Revill Pl).
  5. Go L onto (Luffman Cr).
  6. Go L onto Alice Jackson Cr.
  7. Go L onto Vesta Pl.
  8. Take the L side on a concrete path out from the end of Vesta Pl.
  9. Follow a concrete path all the way alongside a water course.
  10. Go L onto (Roxon Pl).
  11. Go R onto (Emily Bulcock Cr).
  12. Go L onto Heagney Cr.
  13. Pass Henry Melville Cr on your R.
  14. Pass Emily Bulcock Cr on your L.
  15. Pass a bus stop and seat.
  16. Pass Henry Melville Cr on your R.
  17. Pass a bus stop.
  18. Veer R down a concrete path to the (Heagney Cr) underpass.
  19. Go R on a concrete path leaving the underpass behind.
  20. Proceed all the way to the end of the houses where the (Monaro Highway) underpass comes into view.
  21. Go L on a dirt track.
  22. At a junction of May Maxwell Cr and Louisa Lawson Cr go R along Louisa Lawson Cr and follow it around to where the houses begin on your R.
  23. At bus stops go L through a fence on a concrete path.
  24. Go L onto (May Maxwell Cr).
  25. Pass Finlayson Pl on your L.
  26. Pass Watterson Pl on your R.
  27. Pass Hain Pl on your L.
  28. Pass Rischbieth Cr on your L.
  29. Opposite Hadow Pl go R on a concrete path.
  30. Before (Case Pl) go R on a concrete path past a seat. Ignore the small a concrete path to your R.
  31. Pass a seat.
  32. Go R onto (Edmond Cl).
  33. Go L onto Aronson Cr.
  34. Go L onto Louisa Lawson Cr.
  35. Cross over Heagney Cr and onto a concrete path and then go L on a bitumen path.
  36. Pass a bus stop and seat and continue straight ahead on a bitumen path alongside (Heagney Cr).
  37. Pass playing fields on your R.
  38. Pass a playground on your R.
  39. Pass the (Heagney Cr) underpass on your L.
  40. Veer R alongside (Heagney Cr).
  41. Pass the school car park on your R.
  42. At the end of the school fence go R on a concrete path and back to (Emily Bulcock Cr).