Denman Prospect

Walk Features: This loop walk from the shops affords great views over the Molonglo Valley and Canberra from its lookout. It also features interesting street art, playgrounds, wetlands and a water course. There are also plenty of seats from which to contemplate the views.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Region: Molonglo Valley.

Information about the Suburb: Denman Prospect was gazetted in 2012. It was named in honour of Lady Denman, the wife of the fifth Governor-General of Australia, The Lord Denman. The principal ceremonial occasion during Lady Denman’s term was the inauguration of Canberra on 12 March 1913. Lady Denman stood upon the newly laid Foundation Stones and pronounced, “I name the capital of Australia – Canberra”. The name Denman Prospect was selected to distinguish the suburb from the town of Denman, NSW. The use of the suffix ‘prospect’ meaning view, vision or the outlook for the future, is considered significant in the context of the naming of Canberra.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west along the Cotter Rd and then John Gorton Dr, Go L onto Holbrow Av, then L onto Felstead Vista and park at the Shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops go R on Felstead Vista.
  2. Go R on Holbrow Av.
  3. Pass (Eureka Way) on your R.
  4. Pass a bus stop.
  5. Go R on a winding concrete path uphill.
  6. Go R on (McMichael Tce).
  7. Cross (McMichael Tce) to go on a winding concrete path uphill to pass a park containing ping pong tables on your R.
  8. Go L on (Trinca St).
  9. Pass Martel St on your L.
  10. Go R uphill on Shapiro St.
  11. Pass Boyanton St on your R.
  12. At number 23 proceed out on a concrete path.
  13. Cross over (Ada Norris Av) into a park.
  14. Go L on a concrete path up to the Denman Prospect Lookout.
  15. Proceed L on the wooden boardwalk around the lookout.
  16. Take the second concrete path down 10 sets of steps.
  17. Proceed onto a coloured path and continue around to the L.
  18. Cross over Ada Norris Av and proceed down Greenwood St.
  19. Pass Dewhurst Tce on your L.
  20. Pass Marie Little Cr on your R.
  21. Go R on a concrete path into a playground.
  22. Pass a basketball court on your L.
  23. Proceed on the concrete path past picnic tables.
  24. Cross over (Summerfield St) and continue straight ahead down four sets of steps or take the winding path.
  25. Go R at the end and then proceed on a concrete path alongside John Gorton Dr on your L.
  26. Just past the traffic lights go R on a concrete path up three sets of steps.
  27. Go L alongside Hoolihan St on your R.
  28. At East Gate go L on a concrete path down two sets of steps.
  29. Go R on a concrete path.
  30. Pass a bus stop.
  31. Cross over Wyndham Ave and continue straight ahead with the wetlands on your R.
  32. Go R on a bitumen path across the wetlands.
  33. Go L on a concrete path alongside Wyndham Av on your R.
  34. Cross Wyndham Ave at the pedestrian crossing.
  35. Go L then R on a coloured concrete path then a dirt track.
  36. Follow the dirt track all the way uphill. Ignore tracks to your L.
  37. Go L on the second fork of the coloured path.
  38. Go L on a concrete path opposite steps.
  39. Pass through Ridgeline Park and Playground.
  40. Pass a concrete path going downhill on your L.
  41. Go L on a concrete path as it proceeds uphill.
  42. Pass Public toilets on your R.
  43. Pass through a sculpture of discs.
  44. Pass trees on your R.
  45. At the corner of Dainere St and Goldbloom St, go sharp L on a concrete path alongside Goldbloom St.
  46. Go R on Ah Ket Rise.
  47. Pass Cashman St on your R.
  48. Go L on Wyndham Av.
  49. Go R on Bielski St at the roundabout.
  50. Go L on Coaldrake Av.
  51. Opposite the large silver ball on the water, go R on the pedestrian crossing across Coaldrake Av.
  52. Proceed over the concrete path down the slight grassy slope.
  53. Go R along the middle tier above the wetlands down on your L.
  54. Just before the top of the wetlands go R onto (Bertie Cl).
  55. Go L on a concrete path to cross a water course.
  56. Go R on a concrete path alongside Thwaites Cr on your L.
  57. Pass Gellert St on your L.
  58. Follow the concrete path all the way uphill alongside the water course.
  59. Go R on a concrete path at the t-junction where there is a white/blue sign to Urriara Crossing.
  60. Cross over the top of the water course.
  61. Proceed through a wooden fence and cross over Coaldrake Ave.
  62. Proceed uphill on Sibosado St.
  63. Pass Bartolits St and Roarty St on your L.
  64. Pass Obad St on your R.
  65. Pass Giordano St on your L.
  66. At Seekamp St on your L go R on a concrete path.
  67. Pass large sculptures.
  68. Go L on Kondelea Way.
  69. Pass Cashman St and Goldbloom St on your R.
  70. Pass Eggins St on your L.
  71. Cross over Ada Norris Av at the roundabout.
  72. Proceed on McMichael Tce.
  73. Pass Golgerth St on your L.
  74. Go L on Felstead Vista.
  75. Pass a bus shelter and proceed back to the Shops.