Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets and behind The Lodge. You will also proceed along the fire trail below Red Hill. You will pass behind the Royal Australian Mint and near the end of the walk you will pass the Deakin Anticline rock formation.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: South Canberra.

Information about the Suburb: Deakin was gazetted 1928 but mostly built after 1945. It was named after Alfred Deakin (Protectionist, Ballaaratt, Vic), second Prime Minister. PM on three separate occasions. Its streets are named after Governors, Governors-General and diplomats.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed towards Parliament House down Adelaide Avenue go L down the slip road to Hopetoun Cc and turn R. Just past the shops turn R into Macgregor St, then R into Duff Pl and park behind the shops.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing the back of the shops go L down (Duff Pl).
  2. Go R onto (Grose St).
  3. Go L onto Hopetoun Cct.
  4. Go R onto Grey St.
  5. Pass Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School on your L.
  6. Pass Ferguson Cr, Robe St, Empire Cct and Dominion Cct on your R.
  7. Cross over National Cct veering slightly R through the parkland and along the fence behind The Lodge on your L.
  8. At the end of the fence veer R across the park to (Canterbury Cr) and follow it around to Melbourne Ave.
  9. Go R onto Melbourne Ave and follow it up all the way to Stonehaven Cr crossing over National Cct, Dominion Cct, Empire Cct and Gawler Cr. You also pass a number of bus stops and Canberra Girls Grammar School on your R.
  10. Go R onto Stonehaven Cr and follow it around with a park on your R.
  11. Go L onto Dugan St. (Note the mural at No.9)
  12. Go R onto (Jervois St).
  13. Go L onto Stonehaven Cr.
  14. Go L onto Buxton St.
  15. Pass Lamington St on your R.
  16. As Buxton St goes around to your R, go L through a metal gate then onto a narrow dirt track over to steps that go up and over a grassy bank.
  17. Go R onto the (Deakin Fire Trail) and follow it along for quite a way with a gully/storm water drain down to your R. Ignore all (3) sets of steps going R off the trail.
  18. Continue along Deakin Fire Trail to its end.
  19. Proceed through a metal gate.
  20. Go L down towards and past substations decorated with murals.
  21. Proceed around to your R and through ametal gate to (Hampden Pl).
  22. Proceed down (Hampden Pl).
  23. Go L onto Kent St.
  24. Pass Phipps Cl on your R.
  25. Go R onto Carruthers St.
  26. Pass a bus shelter.
  27. Go R onto Denison St.
  28. Pass Beale Cr twice on your L
  29. Pass Alfred Deakin High School on your R.
  30. Pass King St on your L.
  31. Pass a bus shelter.
  32. Go L onto Makin Pl and follow it around between playing fields to its end.
  33. Pass through a metal gate.
  34. Proceed alongside a security fence that runs behind the Mint.
  35. Go R at the end of the fence.
  36. Proceed between buildings on a concrete path passing picnic tables.
  37. Make your way between the two buildings to the car park in front of the Mint.
  38. Cross over Denison St and continue straight ahead down Strickland Cr.
  39. Pass a bus shelter.
  40. Pass John James Hospital on your R.
  41. Pass Geils Ct on your L.
  42. Cross over Kent St and continue straight ahead along Strickland Cr.
  43. Pass MacGregor St on your L.
  44. Pass Norman St on your R.
  45. Pass a playground over to your R.
  46. Go L onto Carrington St.
  47. Go L onto Cairns St.
  48. Go R onto (Macgregor St).
  49. Go L onto Le Hunte St.
  50. Go R onto Newdegate St.
  51. Pass De Chair St on your R.
  52. Veer R on a concrete path into a park.
  53. Follow the path through the park past a playground on your R, Deakin Oval on your L and the Deakin Anticline on your R.
  54. Cross over the car park and then proceed down through another car park back to (Duff Pl) at the back of the Shops.