Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through the streets and Hilltop Reserve. You will pass a memorial to John Crace and the Battle of the Coral Sea. You will also go through Duncan Dunbar Reserve, around wetlands, and through Carrawa Street Park and George Kemp Park.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Region: Gungahlin.

Information about the Suburb: Crace was established in 2010 and named after Edward Kendall Crace an original settler in the Gungahlin area. Its streets are named after parishes and land divisions from colonial times.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west along Belconnen Way. Turn R into Haydon Dr, cross over Ginninderra Dr into Baldwin Dr, R into William Slim Dr, R into Abena Av, R into Hillcrest St and park in front of the Shops on R.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the Shops and opposite number 21 Hillcrest St, go L.
  2. Go R up a concrete path.
  3. Go L over to and past the Ginninginderry Lights sculpture.
  4. Go R on the concrete path.
  5. Go L onto Thadoona St.
  6. Go R onto Junee St.
  7. Go R on a concrete path into Hilltop Reserve.
  8. Go R on a concrete path and follow it all the way around the sculpture garden.
  9. Pass a playground on your R.
  10. Go L at a t-junction.
  11. Go R at a t-junction on a wide yellow/tan concrete path as it winds uphill to a playground.
  12. Pass the playground on your L and continue uphill.
  13. Pass the memorial to Edward Crace and Coral Sea Battle on your L.
  14. Take the L fork and follow on a concrete path directly downhill.
  15. Pass by stoned walls and seat.
  16. Go L onto Langtree Cr.
  17. Pass Hotspur St on your L.
  18. Pass Indi Cl and Drooka Cr on your R.
  19. Pass a bus stop then Jellicoe St on your R.
  20. Go R onto Kappakoola St and as it swings around to your L continue straight ahead on a concrete path.
  21. Go L at a t-junction on a concrete path and follow it alongside Kappakoola St and Durong St on your L.
  22. Pass Harrow St on your L.
  23. When (Durong St) swings to the L follow alongside it on a footpath.
  24. Opposite number 48 go R down through a grassy reserve.
  25. Go L onto (Chance St).
  26. At Galore St go R down a concrete path with houses on your R.
  27. Cross over (Medhurst Cr) into Duncan Dunbar Reserve.
  28. Continue straight ahead on a concrete path past a playground on your L.
  29. Go L on a concrete path just before the (Gundaroo Dr) underpass.
  30. Go R on a concrete path and follow it with a grassy bank on your R.
  31. Continue straight ahead on a gravel path.
  32. Follow either side of the gravel circle.
  33. Go R onto Chance St.
  34. Cross over Baratta St and continue alongside Chance St.
  35. Cross over Abena Av then go R down on a concrete path with exercise equipment on your L.
  36. At the far end opposite a high wall go L on a concrete path.
  37. Go R on a concrete path with wetlands on your L.
  38. Follow on a concrete path along and around the wetlands.
  39. Go L on a concrete path at the sign to BBQ and Amenities Block.
  40. Go R at a t-junction on a concrete path at the end of the wetlands.
  41. Go R on a concrete path with the wetlands on your R.
  42. Continue straight ahead alongside Wirrega Pl on your L.
  43. Take the L fork on a concrete path at the end of Wirrega Pl and follow it up behind houses on your L.
  44. Cross over (Digby Cct) then follow it around to your R.
  45. Go L onto Digby Cct.
  46. Opposite number 51 cross over to a stone paved path and follow it and a gravel path uphill into (Garrawa Street Park).
  47. Pass steps on your R and a low wall on your L.
  48. Pass big logs, a low wall and a collection of boulders on your R.
  49. Take the R fork and continue down to the corner of (Carrawa St) and Digby Cct.
  50. Cross over (Carrawa St) straight ahead.
  51. Go L to cross (Digby Cct) and then go R down (Digby Cct) with houses on your L.
  52. Pass Rylstone Cr on your R.
  53. Go L onto Tabbara Cr.
  54. Opposite number 5 go R then L on a concrete path.
  55. Follow concrete path straight ahead past playgrounds on your R.
  56. Go R on a concrete path at barbecue and picnic facilities.
  57. Pass public toilets on your L and playgrounds on your R.
  58. Go R onto (Narden St).
  59. Go L to cross over Narden St at a pedestrian crossing and into George Kemp Park.
  60. Follow on a concrete path as it runs between arms of Stowport Av.
  61. Pass Narden St on your R.
  62. Pass a playground on your L with Zanci St on your R.
  63. Pass Ultimo St on your R with seats on your L.
  64. Go L onto Redruth St.
  65. Pass Stowport Av on your L.
  66. Go R onto Samaria St.
  67. Go L onto Hillcrest St and back to the Shops.