Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops steadily uphill through parks and playgrounds and onto a section of Cooleman Ridge. You also pass the site of Cooleman Farm. There are a number of sets of steps near the start of the walk and some of the route is on fire trails and dirt tracks.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: Weston Creek.

Information about the Suburb: Chapman was established in 1970 and named after Sir Austin Chapman (1864–1926), the member for Eden-Monaro from 1901 to 1926 who held portfolios in the Deakin and Bruce governments. Its streets theme is the Australian film industry.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed west out along Hindmarsh Dr towards Weston Creek. Turn L into Namatjira Dr, then R into Perry Dr. Then park at the Shops on your R.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.

  1. Proceed out from the Shops onto (Perry Dr) and cross over it.
  2. Go L onto (Perry Dr).
  3. Pass Sidaway St on your R.
  4. Before an iron railing bridge veer R down a concrete path and stay R.
  5. Go R on a concrete path uphill through a reserve with houses on your R. The path goes straight uphill with 11 short flights of steps.
  6. At the top take a concrete path around to your R passing between houses.
  7. Proceed down (Howarth Pl).
  8. Go L onto (Sidaway St).
  9. Pass Lipman St on your R.
  10. Pass Tudawal Pl and Beaumont Cl on your L.
  11. Go R on a concrete path through a grassy reserve.
  12. Pass a playground on your R.
  13. Proceed through the (Perry Dr) underpass and continue straight ahead across Rene St and then straight ahead on the concrete path.
  14. Go L onto (Darwinia Tce).
  15. Go L uphill onto a concrete path.
  16. Go R onto (Rene St).
  17. Cross over Perry Dr and take a concrete path that zig zags uphill.
  18. Proceed up (Titheradge Pl).
  19. Go L at (Titheradge Pl) all the way downhill.
  20. Pass Freebody Pl on your R.
  21. Go R onto Winstanley St.
  22. Go R onto (Beaumont Cl).
  23. Pass Nibo Pl on your R.
  24. Opposite Darrell Pl go L on a concrete path between houses.
  25. Proceed down (Craydon Pl).
  26. Go R onto Sidaway St passing a grassy reserve on your R.
  27. Go R onto Beaumont Cl.
  28. Go L onto Guinness Pl and continue uphill onto a dirt road.
  29. Proceed through a gate.
  30. Go L onto a fire trail and proceed uphill.
  31. At the top of the hill capped by large boulders, take a dirt track down to your L. This track winds around to your R and then to your L.
  32. Take the R fork that veers uphill and over the ridge.
  33. Go R on a concrete path and follow it down two flights of stairs.
  34. Go R onto (Doyle Tce).
  35. Pass Simmons Pl on your R.
  36. Pass Rickards St on your L.
  37. Pass Hertz Pl on your R.
  38. Go L on a concrete path opposite Lincoln Cl between houses.
  39. Go L onto (Bertel Cr).
  40. Go R on a concrete path opposite Rickards St.
  41. Follow the concrete path down and around with a playground on your L. This is the site of Cooleman Farm.
  42. At the end of the concrete path leave the grassy reserve and proceed down a concrete path straight ahead between houses to a red post box.
  43. Go R onto (Perry Dr).
  44. Go R onto Perry Dr.
  45. Pass Doyle Tce on your R.
  46. Go L onto Tauchert St.
  47. Pass Emery St on your L.
  48. Pass Maplestone Pl on your R.
  49. Proceed through a grassy reserve.
  50. Pass a playground on your L.
  51. Go R on a concrete path with a playing field on your L and houses on your R.
  52. Go L on a concrete path.
  53. Go L onto (Streeton Dr) with the playing field on your L.
  54. Pass Chapman Primary School on your L.
  55. At the end of the school fence go L on a concrete path.
  56. Go L on a concrete path going uphill with the school on your L.
  57. Just before (Perry Dr) underpass go R on a concrete path.
  58. Go R onto (Perry Dr) and back to the Shops.