Walk Features: This loop walk takes you through Bowen Park near the lake, Telopea Park, York Park and past St Mark’s Native Grassland Biodiversity Project. On the way you will pass a bust of Pedro Fernandez De Quiros and a statue of Edmund Barton as well as totem poles, the Canberra Labyrinth, the Bible Plants Garden and the Outdoor Chapel.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Region: South Canberra. Click map to see where Barton is located within Canberra.

Information about the Suburb: Barton began to be settled in 1922 and was gazetted in 1928. It was named after Sir Edmund Barton, Australia’s first Prime Minister. Its streets are named after Governors.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed down Bowen Dr towards Kingston. Go L into a car park near a café.

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at this point of the walk.
1. From the car park proceed out towards the lake. Note there are public toilets at the car park.
2. Go R on a bitumen path in front of a café with the lake on your L and picnic tables and barbecue on your R.
3. Continue across (Bowen Park) passing a sculpture on your L.
4. At (Wentworth Av) cross over a storm water drain.
5. Go R at the lights to cross over both arms of Wentworth Av.
6. Proceed into Telopea Park on a bitumen path.
7. Cross over the second of two bridges over a storm water drain and continue L on a bitumen path. Note there are public toilets over to your R.
8. Pass picnic tables on your L near the end of the park.
9. At the end of the park go R at New South Wales Cr to cross over Telopea Park road and proceed alongside Telopea School on your R.
10. Pass Dominion Cct on your L.
11. Opposite Telopea School go L on a concrete path up (Sydney Av) on your R.
12. Cross over National Cct.
13. Pass Game Ct on your L.
14. Opposite the next entrance to (Game Ct) on your L go R on a concrete path across Sydney Av.
15. Pass seats on your R and a bust of Pedro Fernandez De Quiros.
16. Continue straight ahead on a concrete path past (York Park) on your R and John McEwen Cr over to your L.
17. Cross over both arms of Brisbane Av.
18. Go L up Brisbane Av.
19. Cross over a road that goes into a car park.
20. Go R on (State Circle).
21. At the corner of State Circle and Kings Av go sharp R on a gravel path into (York Park).
22. Go L and follow the path through the trees.
23. At the end of the park go L on a concrete path and then L again to pass the park on your L.
24. Go R on Kings Av.
25. Go R on a concrete path at Kings Av.
26. Cross over National Cct.
27. Cross over Macquarie St. Note the statue of Edmund Barton.
28. Cross Blackall St and go R.
29. Opposite Broughton St on your R, go L on a bitumen path past a car park on your L.
30. Continue straight ahead on a gravel path.
31. Veer L then R to go around a pond and a large steel girder cross.
32. Proceed on a dirt track alongside the Biodiversity Project on your R.
33. Pass totem poles on your L.
34. Go R on a gravel path to pass a labyrinth on your R.
35. Proceed through the Bible Plants garden and continue on the gravel path with the Biodiversity Project on your R.
36. Proceed on a narrow dirt track through dense bush and a rain forest.
37. Take the R fork to pass the Outdoor Chapel on your L.
38. Continue on with the Biodiversity Project on your R back to the large iron girder cross.
39. Go L on a gravel then bitumen path back out past the car park on your R.
40. Go L on Blackall St.
41. Just past number 43, go sharp L to zig zag down on a cobblestone path.
42. Go L then around to your R.
43. Go L on a cobblestone path.
44. Cross the road and veer L across a grassy area so as to avoid a steep drop over a retaining wall.
45. Cross over both arms of Bowen Dr and back to the car park.

Now having finished the walk why not relax at the On-Lake Café.