Walk Features: This loop walk takes you from the Shops through Wakefield Gardens, around Majura Oval, past Bill Pye Park and Calvert Park, and through Baker Gardens and Corroboree Park.

Duration of the walk: About 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Region: North Canberra.

Information about the Suburb: Ainslie was established in 1928. It was named after  James Ainslie, a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo, the “first overseer of ‘Duntroon Station’ in Canberra who was employed by Robert Campbell in 1825 to drive a mob of sheep south from Bathurst ‘until he found suitable land’; Ainslie chose the Limestone Plains (the Canberra district) and was overseer for ten years before returning to Scotland. Ainslie’s streets are named after Australian explorers and legislators.

Walk Directions

Click here for a pdf version of the walk directions.

To get to the start of the walk proceed up Northbourne Ave, turn R into Wakefield Ave, then R around Wakefield Gardens and park behind the shops.

Directions for the walk

Note that streets in brackets means there is no street sign at that point of the walk.

  1. Facing away from the back of the shops, proceed down a concrete path as it runs across the park,
  2. Pass a playground over on your R at the start of walk.
  3. Cross over (Wakefield Gardens) and continue straight ahead to cross over Wakefield St, Cowper St, Bonney St and Angas St.
  4. Proceed down a bitumen path alongside (Majura Oval) on your R.
  5. Go R onto Majura Ave.
  6. Before number 48 go R on a concrete path.
  7. Go L onto (Sherbrooke St) and pass (Sherbrooke St) twice on your L.
  8. Cross over Cowper St and then Stephen St.
  9. Pass Sherbrooke St on your L.
  10. Pass Fairbridge Cr on your R.
  11. Pass Sherbrooke St on your L.
  12. Go R onto Davenport St.
  13. Pass McColl St on your L.
  14. Pass Shortland Cr on your L.
  15. Cross over Officer Cr.
  16. Go L on a concrete path running alongside (Bill Pye Park) with a playground on your R.
  17. At the end of park, R (Rutherford Cr).
  18. Go L onto Lang St.
  19. Go L onto Cobb Cr.
  20. Go L onto (Hawdon St).
  21. Go R onto Officer Cr.
  22. Cross over Hannan St.
  23. Pass Gillen St on your L.
  24. Go R onto Agnew St at a bus stop.
  25. Go L at Duffy St into the park.
  26. Proceed clockwise around the park with a playground on your R.
  27. Go R onto (Calvert St).
  28. Just past number 14 go L on a concrete path between houses.
  29. Go R on (Duffy St) and pass (Agnew St), Tyson St and Herbert Cr (twice) all on your R.
  30. As Duffy St swings around to the L, proceed on a concrete path straight ahead across the top of the park on your R and past (Fisher Place) on your L.
  31. Go R onto Hassall St and pass a scout hall on your R.
  32. Go L onto Ebden St.
  33. Cross over Foveaux St.
  34. Go R onto Chaffey Cr.
  35. Go L onto Baker Gardens.
  36. Continue straight ahead on a dirt track across the park.
  37. Cross over (Campbell St).
  38. Continue straight ahead down Baker St.
  39. Cross over Paterson St into (Corroboree Park) and turn L just past buildings on your L.
  40. Proceed clockwise around the park perimeter with a playground, barbecue facilities and a ping pong table on your R.
  41. Go all the way around to the back of the tennis courts.
  42. Go L onto Paterson St.
  43. Pass Chaffey Cr on your R.
  44. Go L onto Foveaux St.
  45. Go R onto (Cowper St).
  46. Pass Cox St on your R and continue straight ahead with a park on your R.
  47. Go R onto Cox St.
  48. Pass Cox St on your R.
  49. Pass Campbell St on your .
  50. Pass Cox St on your R.
  51. Pass a park on your R.
  52. Continue straight ahead into O’Connell St.
  53. Go L onto Wakefield Gardens.
  54. Go R into the car park behind the shops.